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By Jerry A. Johnson, D.D.S.
January 08, 2018
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Even small cosmetic defects detract from an otherwise healthy and attractive smile. Your Pasadena dentist, Dr. Jerry Johnson, offers dental bondingnatural-looking and durable composite resin bonding. He can tell you how this one-visit cosmetic treatment can help your smile.

What is composite resin?

It's a strong, moldable blend of acrylic and glass particles. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry calls composite resin an "additive" material because your Pasadena dentist adds it to the surface of chipped, gapped, cracked, undersized or otherwise flawed teeth, and is shaped to achieve a natural look. Composite resin also restores teeth injured by dental decay, creating a tooth-colored filling that is seamless and just as strong as natural tooth structure.

The treatment process

If Dr. Johnson evaluates your smile and believes composite resin would improve its appearance, he prepares the tooth surfaces with a mild etching liquid. Then, he adds the color-matched material, shaping and trimming it with true artistic skill. When he is satisfied with the results, Dr. Johnson hardens the composite resin with a curing light and polishes it for a bright finish. Repairs made with composite resin are virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth enamel.

Benefits of direct bonding

There are many benefits including:

  • Lower cost than other cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns
  • Ease of application
  • Moldability
  • Natural looks and function
  • Durability (it lasts about ten years or more with good at-home and in-office care)
  • Repair of children's teeth injured during sports, falls and more
  • Can be redone as needed
  • Takes just one visit brief to Dr. Johnson's office

The complete makeover

Finally, composite resin bonding often accompanies other aesthetic dental treatments to complete a smile makeover. For instance, Dr. Johnson may use bonding to enhance some top front teeth which have minor chips, but also use porcelain crowns to even the bite and support the structure of previously restored back teeth.

Find out more

Renewing your smile can be easier than you may think. Why not contact Dr. Jerry Johnson and his staff for a cosmetic dental consultation? Be sure to ask about composite resin bonding! Call today: (626) 798-7896.


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